Difference between Panasonic WJ-AVE5 & WJ-AVE7

yes, check the manual for how to do so, its a little convoluted but possible. its pretty janky and don’t expect it to be comparable to the actual lumakey functionality

Thanks!!! I’d love to check it, but can’t really find it online anywhere. All I can find is the service manual…

is not in bastiens hoard? GitHub - Syntonie/videomanuals: Video gear user and service manuals

Unfortunately also only the service manual :frowning:

imho ave5/DVM2000 (also ave3) is way better than ave7.
ave5 uses dedicated frame buffer memory ICs for both channels (ave3 has one on its single channel) which are great for circuit bending…
ave7 uses a more integrated hardware design and totalldifferent architecture

i’d say get 7 if you need proper keying and 5 otherwise :slight_smile: