Panasonic WJ-AVE5 guidance and help - outputting b&h (no color)

ColinA (first of all… VERY VERY THANK YOU) , i replaced it by a 1uF 63V and now the screen is no more black/white and there is an over-saturated output, ca this be related to the 50V to 63V ?
doyouhave hints to fix the over-saturation?

Happy to ear it helped!
To help further I’d need more specific details:
Does both input gives you the same results?
Are any wipe patterns involved?
Is it only on the main output or also on the preview output?

Depending of these parameter i would first try to follow the adjustment procedure written in the service manual. (I can send you a pdf if you don’t have a copy already )
I have a hunch that by following the Y adjustment procedure you might be able to get somewhere :slight_smile:

Hi ColinA! right now i have replaced everycapacitor on the power supply, all capacitors on INPUT 1… and every capacitor on OUTPUT zone…
triggering the variable capacitors/resistors on the INPUT1
i was able to re-add colors (CT1) (but seems that is something else involved because this morning i have again b/w and i touched with the screwdriver the CT1 again to solve… maybe oxydation?)

the oversaturated image was fixed with the TINT-A … and CHROMA GAIN A…
also the image was a little too yellow, and for this i moved CARRIER BAL A-2 and CARRIER BAL A-1

after loosing the entire day moving these “settings” i was able to obtain a similar image compared to the naked VCR (but still a little bit yellow… or a little bit NOT-RED…)

the PEDESTAL A was the brightness… and the Y GAIN A was something like a contrast.

everything seems ok… but i have a strange 2/3 pixel vertical area on the left of the screen with a too much brightness… and seems that are a noise on the left of white texts…

maybe i can post images

Here the border:

and here the echo on white content…

here the changes afetr recapping (the unit was an unused AVE5)

some capacitors replaced

but still issues with the strange echo (on bright spots) and the left vertical line.

[EDIT] today i replaced all the capacitors on the main board, but the issue is still here… maybe tomorrow i will replace also all the caps from the BACK PANEL (where in/out connectors are)

adding (right now) external potentiometters to adjust brightness/contrast/colors on the fly…


maybe in future i will add the output GAIN…

but for now i’m searching a solution to audio-video Desync, the video output of the AVE5 is delayed by 300 millisecs (for what i can estimate)… i was hoping that using audio processing of the device … the sync can be done by the unit, BUT NOT :frowning: i can’t understand why Panasonic not considered that…
any hint?

Hello friends, good afternoon!

I got an AVE5 1 month ago, and since then we haven’t been able to get it to work in color.

We came to the determination that it could be a norm problem, given that the mixer is PAL-B norm and our TVs are PAL-N (we are in Argentina), so we got a transcoder box, which made the mixer send color video through the out outputs, so this was fixed.
Now we noticed the two video inputs, does not take the image in color, works in black and white and input number 2 presents errors in the image, we have realized this because we connect pal video sources and Also because when making a feedback video, and the repetitions that its showing are black and white (whatch the video with the circle wipe)

I have read this entire thread and from what I could understand, many have solved this problem simply by changing the capacitors on the internal board, but I am faced with the difficulty that I cannot separate the board from the rear plastic panel, I have removed all the screws but I don’t understand how to separate them. Can someone help me with some suggestions?

I leave videos and images of what was said before

todo bien, para sacar la tapa de metal tener que sacar todos los puntos de soldadura que tiene y doblar esas patitas, yo tambien me paranoique porque no sabia como sacarla, ya que estamos en el mismo pais, sabes de donde podemos conseguir los capacitores por ejemplo de la fuente? no los puedo conseguir por ningun lado que no sea importar