Peertube buffering (and possible upgrade to HLS playback)

Just uploaded a new video. This one can now be played from the beginning. Thank you very much.

Login still works for me. By clicking on “Login with Discord”. And ignore the actual password entry.


The video monitor-camera-feedback-loop-1608578433 was also one of the videos that could not be played from the beginning.

Tried this today:

  1. Deleted the video from

  2. Then re-uploaded the same mp4 file that was still on my hard drive.
    This time used the title: monitor camera feedback loop

And now this video can be played correctly.


This was a great, successful example of collaborative debugging!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I’m adding “FIXED” to the title of this topic.

Please create a new topic if you have different issues with


(replying here while we figure out what this is about)

Today I found out the first video below wasn’t playing. I guess this means it never played in the first place? I thought I had verified it was working when I first uploaded it. Anyway I just imported it again and that’s the second video. This is an import from the Internet Archive, and specifically from an h264 file generated by them. The two videos have the same specs except for the “Format/Encoder” version which turns out to be Lavf57.83.100 for the older/failing import, and Lavf58.45.100 for the second one.

for the second video, as I’m writing there’s still a “it’s being transcoded, it may not work properly” message but it’s playing correctly for me (reminder this is NSFW, sometimes in surprising ways)

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Sorry to revive an old topic; I think I’ve narrowed down a source of PeerTube buffering issues.

I’ve always experienced stuttering playback on scanlines, where videos would buffer then stop, buffer then stop, etc. I’d always assumed this was due to VPS bandwidth, but I now think this is actually a WebTorrent vs HLS playback issue.

Peertube version on is 3.0.1. Here’s one of my videos there:

Peertube version on is 4.0.0. Here’s the same video hosted there:

I get the stuttering playback from scanlines but smooth playback from

PeerTube made HLS playback the default in version 3.2.0. They go into detail about the relative benefits of HLS for playback, bandwidth and storage in their docs.

I think that upgrading the latest Peertube and enabling HLS will make videos play a lot smoother.


thanks for the insight @rnkn ! i can have a go at updating the peertube version and we can see if the results are as expected

(i remember upgrading to version 3.x to be a bit of a hassle so hopfully this major update will go smoother :crossed_fingers: )

i started trying to update peertube to v4 but as expected quite a few problems (something went wrong updating node causing a kernel panic and required recovery booting to sort out :scream: ) thats fixed now but theres many other things breaking, but iv done enough for the day will try sort it out tomorrow or atleast b4 the weekend


looks like is bak up (few minor fixes needed for the custom sso login stuff but) test it out see how its going !

An user reported being unable to login to - apparently I’m having the same issue right now, I’ll double check later.