[RESOLVED] Known issue: videos.scanlines.xyz (our peertube) is down

hello, i just wanted to let people know that our peertube server is currently down. we received reports of a security issue and are looking into how to address it but had to shut it down in the meanwhile to be safe. apologies for any inconveniences!


videos.scanlines.xyz is back up and running again - lemme know if you seeing any problems (and soz for the downtime) :tv: :zap: :tv:

thanks @cyberboy666 !!

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was something changed in the login process after the incident? can’t login on peertube after it happened

@pavel hav u tried ‘login with discourse’ on the login page ?

Updating to peer tube 4.0 slightly broke the css hack to overwrite login page with this option. But it should stil b possible using this ?

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@cyberboy666 at first try it redirects me to the forum and asks for credentials, but when I get back on peertube I see following error “Cannot create such user: an actor with that name already exists.”. Every consecutive try would simply show me the same message without redirection to the forum.

Ahh ok I v seen this before pretty sure I know how to fix.

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