Sync-ope : sync restoring circuit - next revision ideas

I haven’t built my syncope yet but are you positive your calibration is good? How does it handle a not glitched out signal? Just thinking of some troubleshooting ideas.

did you get your sync_ope through or build your self ?

a scrolling image sounds like the blanking calibration needs to be adjusted - have you tried doing this as it is described in the manual ?

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I originally got one from the shop but it got broken and I had to send it back for a fix. The screen size is good I set it from pal to ntsc with a screwdriver if that’s what you meant, or is there anything else I can do?

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hi hi, nice sleuthing. These mods are recommended then, for a general improvement of existing boards? thanks

that is what i meant - even if the screen size looks good adjusting these pots a bit can help to stop scrolling since every display is slighty different in terms of blanking needed…

another option to try if you have it is to run the output from sync_ope through a tbc before sending to your display to see if that helps (also could try sending it to a crt since these are usually the most forgiving)

and finally if the glitched signal is too distorted to display you can always set the blend pot on sync_ope somewhere between wet/dry to find a spot where it is stable

i did some more testing with this mod including sending out of spec signals on the return and couldnt find any reason not to perform these mods.

i dont think it matters too much comparing the signal sent directly from effect_send to effect_return since its not really intended to be used like this, but i will revise the pcb and have all future versions of sync_ope with this mod. so ya feel free to make these minor changes to your sync_ope also if you want to (and write to me if you want some help with it)

Thanks very much I will mod mine, it seems a good idea and straightforward enough. The only thing I found difficult was the location of R7 : )

I looked on the github but I could not find a layout/silkscreen of the component side.

D4 was easy to find. I expect they are close together though : )

take a look here - you can search “r7” in the ref lookup :slight_smile:

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thanks : ) I still find github hard to navigate after years of browsing :smile: I enjoyed using that device when I soldered the kits too