What is a study group

Well I think this can be pretty open ended! I’m pretty much constantly teaching myself new subjects both theoretical and applied and I’m also trying to branch out more into education as well so I thought it might be fun to combine the two and see if anyone is interested in getting some informal study groups set up together where like everyone can like split up doing research and then prepare little lesson plans or like zoom chat groups or twitch streams (does everyone know you can embed live twitch streams in here?) and share what they have come up with? i don’t necessarily think this needs to just be relegated to math/science/engineering stuffs either, i think there is a lot of interesting stuff to talk about and share in terms of abstract video as narrative and/or abstract video as poetry as well. I’m pretty vocal about my opinion that a lot of academic structure is like actively antagonistic to creative research but I think there is also just inherent value to the basic concept of sharing your work with yr peers and constructively criticising things (tho like maybe in contrast to some aspects of academia we can try to use language to streamline communication instead of obfuscating?) If i’m creating too many categories also just lmk just throwing spagetti at the wall to see what sticks!