A few foundations of analog video on breadboard - an interactive six part online course

a few foundations of analog video on breadboard

design and build your own vga-synthesizer!

an interactive six part online course with cyberboy666

tl;dr - im teaching an online course about making art with electronics - find out more info and join the wait-list here - first session likely running august 2023

this is a beginner-friendly and hands-on creative course about making video-art with electronics. no experience or specialized tools are required – everything you need to get started building your own vga synthesizer on breadboard will be sent to you via the mail.

the course will run over six weeks, with each ~2-hour lesson touching on a different foundational concept of analog video. after briefly learning about some theory, you will follow schematics and breadboard diagrams together to build a module each week and experiment with the newly learnt concepts directly.

the course makes use of this custom vga_breadboard_module pcb to interface between vga signals and the breadboard - its going to be a lot of fun really looking forward to sharing it with you!

im also excited to announce this will be an inaugural course hosted on polyphaseportal.xyz

introducing Polyphase Portal

an educational focused online space and media-art collective

together with some friends, organizers and educators we are putting together a new online space to host educational programmes such as talks, live-streams, workshops and multi-week courses. taking encouragement from the success of PHASE SPACE in NYC we are aiming to facilitate accessible non-hierarchical learning over open and ethical technology – find out more at polyphaseportal.xyz & join the polyphase mailing list to stay in the loop!


yalls should definitely check this biz out! i’ll be doing an irregularly recurring livestream through PPP called “AMA about Video signals” with the first one starting june 8th! i’ll do the first couple co-streamed through youtube but i’ll only respond to comments and questions through folks chatting through the PPP link :wink:

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Just an FYI there is one spot left for the August session of my foundatuins of analog video on breadboard class - link to ticket is here - class times will be Mondays 17:30-19:30 PDT running: Monday 31st July – Monday 4th September 2023

Please contract me if there is an upcoming class in 2024. thx.


limited tickets are live for the next run of this online class!

weekly classes starting Monday 24 June and running at two times:

EARLY09:30-11:30 EDT and LATE 20:30-22:30 EDT and also available as a recording (with help from the chatroom) if you cant make either

  • find link to purchase tickets here
  • find more info about the class here


just a final reminder that a few tickets are still available for this class here but will be closing this friday 24th may because i want to give time for everyones kit to arrive in post before the first lesson on june 24th.

if you are on the fence about signing up to this class i just released a promo video that shows some example builds from the last time this class ran - you can watch this short clip here:

also if you are interested but cant front the whole cost right now feel free to email me ( on tim@cyberboy666.com ) to arrange split payments



Got my kit delivered to Barcelona :))
Looking forward to it.

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