A monthly online artist talk +show'n'tell : WORKS IN PROGRESS

The most recent talk is here WORKS IN PROGRESS 03 - showing NEO_RECUR , a prototype digital video instrument - videos.scanlines


ya each one is embedded in the page polyphaseportal.xyz/works-in-progress afterwards or just check my videos.scanlines.xyz account

unfortunately my timezone is even worse for u euro folks now im living in australia

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yes it is also midi controllable

for now yes they will be hardcoded - trying to keep the interface as simple as possible… however it could be nice to use midi notes etc for adding this kind of feautures…

works in progress 04


google calendar event

for this months works in progress i will be talking about the lateral_leds_controllercustom diy hardware and software for creative control over addressable led strips – based on installations made for lateral movement‘s experimental club nights


reminder im talking about custom hardware and software for making adressable led installations in aprox 12 hrs for WORKS IN PROGRESS 04

monday 8th april 7pm EDT

more info at artist talks: works in progress – Polyphase Portal


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recording of this session is now uploaded also here: