A monthly online artist talk +show'n'tell : WORKS IN PROGRESS

im doing a series of online talks from December 2023 through May 2024 on the second Monday of the month 4pm Eastern hosted by polyphaseportal.xyz :

works in progress w @cyberboy666

for each session we will explore a different work in progress from upcoming underscores.shop projects - there will be context and motivation, some technical details, live demos and room for questions, feedback and discussions from you.

the link to attend these sessions is here

i will update this thread + the polyphase page with some info about the upcoming topic leading up to the day


works in progress 01


an adaption of Rob Schafer’s two_point_one_colorizer

google calender event

for this months works in progress i will be talking about the two_point_one_colorizer circuit


Fun! Looking forward to it!

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going live with first works in progress talk about the two_point_one_colorizer in just under 12 hrz…

link to session here



maan looking forward to this!

i just discovered your works, secretly hoping for a recurBOY restock sometime in the near future

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Shop is on a hiatus for nz summer while im away from studio but will be restocking amd distributing all current products (+ releasing skme new ones) from aprox end of feb 2024


works in progress 02


google calender event

for this months works in progress i will be talking about the hardware/custom software i created for the recycled tv wall installation we made at this years Twisted Frequency festival:



i’m eyeing up that IMGUI


reminder that im talking about how we made this synchronized tv wall installation in aprox 11 hours for WORKS IN PROGRESS hosted by polyphaseportal.xyz - link to join is here

WORKS IN PROGRESS 02 - monday feb 12 4pm est



…thank you! - very enjoyable and informative talk - 45 minutes, great timing - hope to be able to attend again…

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will this talk be posted somewhere? I sadly missed it :frowning:


i believe this is it!


@cyberboy666 theres one more method that im not sure was covered in here, which is using a pc tower that has lots of room for graphics cards that each have like multiple outputs and just loading it up with graphics cards. you can also do networking between multiple towers for syncing, and if you want to get real fancy, have different projection mappings running on different towers to tweak things for odd shapes. This is pretty much the exact way that modern planetariums handle their video output but with projectors instead of physical screens

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This is sooo rad, big ups @cyberboy666! thank you for taking the time to develop and share this work. It feels like an accessible solution for HD video wall splicing has been far too expensive or logistically impractical to many for way too long. Very excited to try this out when it’s ready for the world! There’s a ton of old LCD monitors on sale for pennies at my local repurpose/thrift shops that would be fantastic for video wall installations using this mapper, a wall controller and a handful of HDMI->VGA adapters.

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just watched the recording—really interesting project, thank you for sharing! I just recently worked on a big projection mapping installation using multiple projectors across three walls where we wanted the videos to be syncronized with each other.

The installation was hosted by this org that let me use a couple of their “MiniMad” controllers, which are RaspberryPi 3bs that have a special MadMapper case on them with some buttons and you flash a MadMapper image onto them. They sync over ethernet with each other and they worked really smoothly, but MadMapper is proprietary and not cheap, so it’s great that you’re working on something opensource for this.

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thats cool ! ya didnt come across that method explicitly - i mentioned in the demo how u can do it with as many outputs as your computer has - so this is a natural extension of that ! V cool

one thing to becareful of with hdmi->vga adpters is that often the format / ratio is left unchanged. We tried hdmi->vga adapters on the tvs that didnt recognize the hdmi mode and they also didnt recognize the vga mode… (whereas composite ones doesnt have that problem!)

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works in progress 03


(note the later start times - adjusting for daylight saving/changing my timezone)

google calender event

for this months works in progress i will be talking about and demonstrating the NEO_RECUR - another raspberry-pi based video-instrument / r_e_c_u_r spinoff iv been quietly chipping away at…



reminder I’m talking about this NEO_RECUR prototype video instrument in aprox 12 hours online for WORKS IN PROGRESS 03

Monday 11 March 7pm edt

More info at artist talks: works in progress – Polyphase Portal



first of all NEO_RECUR is a very nice project! i’m glad you share about
i have fue question about it.

is the video/pattern/feeback/externel btn are hard coded to that fonction?
I think it could be very cool to be able to have different pattern or video under each of those button.

are you are planning to make it midi controlable?

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Are you going to post a recording of your talk?
that would be great, because the time difference makes it hard to see these talks live!

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