A whole new journey


I’m Lucas from Ghent, Belgium.
I’ve been learning some videomapping using Resolume and Cinema4D the past few months.
When I discovered 2 workshops (build your own oscillator & videobending for dummies) in my town, I started looking up a lot of stuff. I’m already obsessed without ever having made any analogue video for these purposes. I definitely want to start using this to do VJ’ing.

My main plan (for now) is to build a lot of stuff and combine a lot of techniques to do shows on parties

Input: Old VHS-tapes, recording C4D stuff on VHS-tapes, feedback effects with a camera, building oscillator(s), prerecorded stuff, self-made 2D/3D visuals,…
Effects: building a Dirty Video Mixer, Videffektor, CHA/V, 3TrinsRGB,…
Mapping: Resolume and Madmapper
Output: projections on 3D constructions designed in C4D and cut out with CNC-Machine.

My questions:

  • anybody else in Belgium doing this kind of stuff?
  • Where would be the cheapest/best place to buy materials? Ali-express maybe?
  • Any other techniques/ideas that would fit with this?
  • I see a lot of people are programming, which I barely can.
    I’d be open to learn a bit of that though, but don’t know what software to use, what language to learn, what I could use it for related to VJ’ing,…
  • Anybody has experience with making their own MIDI-machines to connect to ableton-resolume-madmapper? Where would be the best place to start learning this?

Thanks a lot in advance!
It’s great to find this nice community.


as far as software goes, check out hydra, vsynth, and video_waaaves are good stuffs if u want to use laptops. hydra is live coding but the others are graphical based.

diy midi the best place to start is probably arduino! time consuming but affordable for custom controllers of any kind

for analog signal video gear aliexpress wont be great. ebay is decent but searching out irl electroscrap/junk/pawn shops might be more useful

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Thanks a lot man! I’ll check it out :slight_smile: