About the reverselandfill category

Reverselandfill makes audio and video DIY projects,
for Eurorack systems and standalone boxes.
I focus on noise, feedback and experimental sound and video.

Current video projects:

  • VEB (video experimentation board)
  • CMIX (6ch mixer, 3x non-inv, 3x inv, 2x out)
  • Matrix Mixer (4x3 matrix)
  • Triple Function Generator (3x video EQ)
  • Syncbus (buffered sync busboard with RCA CSYNC output)

Audio Projects:

  • Monotropa (feedback distortion equalizer)
  • Noise (CMOS 4xOSC FM divider)
  • Pentamix (5ch mixer)
  • Busboy (eurorack small 10 header busboard)

Work in progress:

  1. Switch Glitch: video switcher with noise, with @BastienL
  2. Differentiator Feedback: Edge feedback module, with @rempesm
  3. Matrix Mixer expanded version: with 3x3 attenuverters, clipping, gain switches etc. lots of help from nice people at the LZX community forum
  4. VideoNoise: adaption to video of the (audio) Noise module
  5. VEB v2: next versions are always better…

All projects are open source , info and schematics are available here: