Adding a small display to RecurBoy in a case

Hello all,
I’ve seen projects were people have added a 3.5 inch screen (like for a vehicle backup camera) to a video device that shows it’s output, and there is a second output that can go to a TV/Projector/Whatever like a pass through. I’m putting together a case for my RecurBoy, and would like to do this if possible. This would be for the composite signal. I didn’t know if I need to add some kind of amp or what.
Here is an example of what I’m looking for, except my screen will be mounted to the lid of the case:



sure you can pass the recurboy output (or any composite video source) to one of those small reverse camera displays !

a passive split of the signal may work - this weakens (dims) the signal a bit but probably will get away with it depending on your final output

a better option is to do an active split - theres a number of video_distribution_amplifier products and projects around…

i have one in the shop called bisect that runs on a single 5v supply (same as recurboy) so this could be a good option / is open source so you can diy from the schematic for this if u like.


Oh sweet! I was wanting to order the sync_ope anyway, so I’ll just get them both when I can.