Alternative to Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for Apple Silicon M1/M2?

I recently bought a used Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0, only to discover that it is not supported on Apple silicon M1/M2. I tried anyways! Bummer, it does not recognize the device.

Is there anything else in that price and feature range? I really was wanting to use it to capture video on my Macbook and also send out the HDMI port to the house at the same time. Any suggestions for a worthy replacement?


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thats a bummer ! good to know tho for the rest of us lol.

i dont know anything about them - but from memory theres also a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for thunderbolt - i would hope these would work on macs ? anyone using one w M1/M2 ?

…i have a couple of these - they are well under 20 $/€ and work great:


…Thunderbolt will also not work with M1/M2 Macs:

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Thunderbolt does work you just need a couple of adapters to use with the M series.

…acc. to the quoted link above a driver is required for the Intensity Shuttle - the problem is not the hardware-connection but the software that does not work on (and will not be upgraded to) the M1/M2-Mac…

(watched the video for about half of its length - seems not to deal with the Intensity Shuttle at all)

check out magewell stuffs. is more expensive but seems like their analog captures are still in production, likely still supported, and probably more robust than the blackmagic dongles

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I have a tbolt intensity shuttle and it did not work with my new M2 MacBook unfortunately. I have a tbolt cable and a tbolt2 and tbolt3 adapter from Apple too. Luckily I have an old Lenovo Yoga that gets the job done but it would be nice to be able to capture directly into my Mac.

Oh yea I was just talking about FireWire in general cause I was having an issue with it a few days ago :confused:

I use an AJA Ki Pro HD/SD… Link to the manual is below. It has lots of I/O options. It however does not have a CVBS input, so I Use an Analog to SDI BMD converter to the SDI input of the Ki Pro and use the CVBS output of the Ki Pro to pass the signal to My monitors. You can use pretty much any input option to any output option, as it has built in resolution scaling. I have two so that when setting up a Multi step signal Chain I can insert one in a part of the Chain where I might like the visual and one at the end for recording the final output. Both units were purchased on eBay one with a 500Gb and the with a 256Gb drive. I have yet to Record more than 200Gb in one session. To offload the files I use a FireWire 800 cable from the drive to various adapters and hook it up to my computer just like a hard drive. All the files come out interlaced so I then process them through media encoder to De-interlace the videos. Short of rescanning a monitor this device is my go to. If you are vigilant and really watch eBay for a deal I think you could pull one for $130-170 with a 256-500Gb drive included. I was put on to these devices by @cable_visions at what was once Phasespace in NYC and is now ( ) . It was explained to me that you can wirelessly port into the device using a web browser on your cell phone for an easier way to change settings, but I have yet to do that. One more note, the newer drives are USB 3.0 so if you find a cheap one with USB then it’s a steal. Link to the manual below if you would like to look it over.

Finally, the best way it’s to keep or buy an “old” mac book pro (around 2012) to use the " blackmagic intensity shuttle ".

…yeah! - that MacBook is one that you need to keep around anyway to keep your A&H-mixer-with-USB-interface-with-proprietary-drivers-going-into-Reaper running…

…good idea regarding the shuttle! - didn‘t think of that solution even while having the exact MBPro in front of me on my desk…

I originally hoped the Blackmagic would let me be more gear-efficient and do capture + send-to-house in one device, but I ended up going with these two devices instead, which are working out great:

Capture to Macbook: ClearClick Video to USB 1080P Audio Video Capture & Live Streaming Device

Composite to HDMI for sending to the house: Tendak 3RCA CVBS Composite & S-Video R/L Audio to HDMI Converter

Not sure what the trade-offs are in terms of quality? I know Blackmagic gear is highly regarded and I picked up the shuttle for cheap, so I have a little concern that I’m missing out on something with this lower-end gear?

I am not sure what you mean by capture video on your Macbook, whether you mean recording to the Macbook or from the Macbook, but I have two Blackmagic boxes that are useful for things along this line and work with M1/M2.

The Hyperdeck records whatever you input onto SD cards and has a pass-through for the projector. If you want to send HDMI signals, you need the HD Plus but if you have a setup where you are already sending around SDI, the lowest tier is great.

Then there is the ATEM-mini range. There are great as capture cards that are just routing the signal (also for streaming) and would also let you pass through the HDMI into a projector.

I send one copy of the output of my analog video chain to HDMI/projector, and I capture another copy of the signal back into my Macbook > into Madmapper to map the pixels to LEDs. Those two devices I linked above are working out well.

This stand-alone hardware recorder look great. Might be worth adding to get a nice recording of my show without having to push my laptop resources.

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I ran into the same problem! Intensity Shuttle only worked on my old 2019 Intel Macbook :sneezing_face:

Here a short video demonstrating some options:

For M-Macs I am using an upscaler (ended up with a Retrotink 5Xpro) would NOT do this again (by far too expensive) and a Black Magic Design Ultra Studio capture card (Thunderbolt 3):

(THIS is really an excellent capture card. Not cheap, but still affordable).

Meanwhile I clearly prefer to re-scan from a PVM. I switched from an Edirol V4 to an Roland V4EX (good TBC and an upscaled image), from where I go directly into the Ultra Studio capture device.

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