Analogue Video Synthesizers

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve been here but I hope everyone is doing well. I am in the market for a video mixer specifically an analogue video mixer. I’ve been doing a lot of research and just wanted some help with suggestions. I mainly using analogue gear and already have an hdmi adapter and capture card to record as well as a CRT. I am mainly looking for a mixer for wipe transitions and the ability to swap between a A an B channel.

This is something I found on eBay and it looks like something that would meet all of my requirements. However when reading it, it said the product was third party made so I don’t know if this will affect the quality. Any help would be amazing I appreciate everyone in this community!

That’s a good mixer, Edirol isn’t 3rd party it’s one of Roland’s opco brands. If you’re planning on doing any glitch type effects that are going to distort the video signal, you’ll probably want a mixer with a more stable time base corrector. Otherwise if you don’t mind menu diving you will love all the options in the v4, I have three lol. Also, this mixer, and virtually all you’ll come across are digital mixers. But they due process analog video signals. It’s a nitpick but I couldn’t help myself lol.

Cheers welcome to the video rabbit hole


I truly appreciate you for taking time to respond to my post and especially so quickly. Just curious cause I’ve heard of time based correctors. Is this something I could buy outside of the mixer or is if something that specifically is made into the synth. I guess what I’m asking is if I were to buy the edirol could I upgrade the time based corrector? Cause I do plan to do glitch art, I have a camera for feedback and a Waaavepool.

The V4 and many other brands of video mixers with analog inputs have built-in TBCs, some are better than others. The value in a TBC comes from its ability to ‘correct’ distorted or dodgy video signals and synchronize them into a stable image. One popular approach to making analog glitch art effects is to run a clean signal through a circuit-bent, or ‘dirty’ mixer/processor, which corrupts the sync (among other things) and gives it a signature look. A good TBC processing a dirty sync signal would try its best to keep that corrupt image stable enough for the display to still recognize it as a viewable feed and not drop out.

In the case of that particular gear: a camera for CRT feedback and a WP should both output pretty clean signals, so the TBC shouldn’t be a big concern running just those into a typical video mixer.

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A recent experience I had with a simple setup.

Recurboy > Televandalist (glitch effects) > Edirol V4 > CRT

Result - I was losing sync so often it wasn’t worth recording anything.

Recurboy > Televandalist (glitch effects) > Panasonic WJ-AVE5 > Edirol V4 (for effects) > CRT

Result - It displayed something no matter the position of the pots and switches on the Televandalist and was totally worth recording :slight_smile:

My opinion is that the TBC in the Panasonic WJ-AVE5 is much better for glitchy signals than the Edirol but it is quite bulky and lacks the cool effects of the V4.

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Not sure if you’re familiar with this but you can adjust the threshold for holding sync on the v4 in the utility settings. It still probably won’t get you as stable a signal as on the ave5 but can help in a pinch.

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Did you try to put the televandalist at the end of your signal chain?
While the glitched signal goes straight into the CRT, there should not be dropouts.

I had a V4 before. Changing the sync settings on the V4 did not improve anything at all.


I gave this a go yesterday. I can confirm that with televandalist at the end of the signal chain, there’s much less drop outs. I did get the ‘AV’ letters overlay to pop out quite a
lot more than with the panasonic, but overall this chain has far more range than the earlier one.

Recurboy > Edirol v4 > Televandalist > crt

Grabbed a pic of the output :slight_smile:


Do you mix different sources - or do you plan a live set to mix different sources?

I started similar, but meanwhile I glitch my sources, rescan - and do the rest in post production!

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I have a few different sources but not a great deal of room. So I capture when possible and mix in post.

Optimally I would like to display A > wipe to B > change A > Wipe back to A > change B etc

Can I ask what do you use to rescan ? Have you tried any capture cards ? (Osprey 100e) or other.

Regarding the Video Sync Threshold settings on the V4: what gives more stable results with glitch gear, to increase or decrease the video synchronization sensitivity in the Utility menu?


In my experience, lowering the threshold makes it easier for the V4 to pick off sync from a composite signal attenuated or corrupted by glitch. Though the lower you go, the noisier the picture tends to get.

Cool - I’ll have to try that. Thanks for explaining.