Andrei’s website down?

Hey, was trying to grab a download of video waaaves. Went to my saved link to Andrei’s creative coding site but I get “site is private.” Was it moved, or taken down?

Sorry, been out of the loop a bit.


Waaave_Pool manual - andrei_jay_creative_coding.pdf (3.9 MB)

Here is a PDF of the Waaave Pool manual

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Thanks! Was trying to see about the page though, as I need download links for the programs, and the support stuff about setting it up on a mac.

…you can try here:*/

…the last saved state from august 19th seems to work:


I noticed the “site is private” notice as well. Seems to be happening on every page except the home page.

@andrei_jay - do you know about this?

If anyone has the files to share for waaave pool or video waves it would be deeply appreciated!

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hey yalls, been on an internet vacation and just didn’t notice some biz i had to do on the backend, site should be back up again


Nice to be missed !

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