Any body want to be in a video waaaves 2.5 demo/promo?

after making roughly 10000000 video waaaves demo videos using my goofy head bobbing around i’d like to diversify a little bit! I’m 99% finished with the video waaaves 2.5 updates and would like to invite anyone interested to send me a short (3-5 seconds) clip of themselves (or a still image even!) to use for a demo video. send it on over to ex.zee.ex at gmail dot com by tuesday september 29th along with credit/tags if youd like to be credited and/or tagged on social medias when i post the finished video!


i’d love to but until my Auto Waaave arrives…

i think folks is a bit confused on this thing! I’m making a demo video of what Video Waaaves 2.5 can do! i’m not looking for videos of folks running waaave pool, video waaves or whatnot, i’m looking for ‘dry’ videos/stills of folks that i can then run through video waavves 2.5 to show off the video reactive stuffs it can do!

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