Any info on Vivanco VCR 3078?

I hope that anybody has any info on this mixer in terms of original functions(my main interest, as I’m not very good with soldering iron), and in terms of circuit bending.

Particularly I’m interested in white balance functionality, never seen this. Is it any useful?

Cannot find manual or videos on this mixer.

Would appreciate any info!

i’ve seen similar ‘white balance’ controls on cameras before, where you have dials marked r-y/pR and b-y/pB. r-y and b-y are another way to refer to pB and pR in the YpBpR analog video signal, they are a measurement of the ‘distance’ away from the Y (luma) line in the YIQ color cube, which is the RGB color cube rotated so that the line from (0,0,0) black to (1,1,1) white is aligned with the y axis (0,0,0) to (0,1,0). From experiements i would guess that this white balance approach is simply rescaling or offsetting pB and pR.

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Thank you very much!