Anymix analog video mixer - Synkie modular analog video processor

I was reading the LZX forum and thanks to a post from Falling Girl I learnt about the Anymix, the SYNKIE and the work of the Anyma collective in general. Really interesting and meaningful work, lots to dig into.

I’m not up to the task, but it’d be great to have some discussion specifically about the Anymix, as it’s being currently developed and showed around:


did anyone tried to build it yet? I’m kind of getting annoyed with computers and want to switch gears and this kind of a mixer looks indeed much more appealing than broadcast stuff, but it seems to require more involvement than just simple PCB production and soldering as their github says some schematics are outdated and does contain some errors

@pavel A friend of mine is building one right now with Michael Egger (we live in the same small town).
Sadlly, it seems that building it with him is pretty much the only way to have one.
id start with a small synkie system (the video processor he created before the anymix) if i were you. I’d be happy to send you/post my schematics :slight_smile:

@ColinA it would be amazing to have the schematics! Have you built synkie too?

Here you go!
videosynthmixer_v2.pdf (130.7 KB)

This is a work in progress schematic, i did not use all the transistor(Q3…Q8), You also don’t need 2 Lm1881. I hope it canstill help tho!

The video buffer is coming from this very forum (under the section circuit lesson by Rob i think). It is now my main video buffer circuit, since its very easy to build and is easely “hackable”.

If you need any explanation or breakdown of the circuit i’d be happy to help!

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thank you so much again! It even seems that my local electronics supplier have most parts, so I would try to dive into this ASAP!

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One question though. Is this based on schematics from synkie repo or is it your own? EDIT: briefly looked again at the synkie files and haven’t seen anything resembling this

It is, only the older version.
It’s a very raw design, but the results are encouraging.
One thing I’d do different is “create” a new sync using a -0.3v reference, passing thru the multiplexer and using the OG sync as control of the cd4053.