Anyone using the pi5?

Just sheer curiosity from a non-programmer, has anyone seen any video synth related stuff coming from using the new pi’s? Fascinated with everything pi related and interested to hear from my favorite community!

pi5 looks like a pretty decent computer. I dont have 1 but slowly chipping away at q lil effects & video player that should run on most sbc’s

I have one, it’s great but I haven’t tried any video synth stuff yet, I was trying to get 4K camera related stuff going with it first but am waiting for driver support. It’s been a bit of a slow start I think because of the new BookWorm Pi OS and the hardware HATs etc needing more things updated. Lots of potential though :slight_smile:

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It’s also possible to hook up a full size GPU to the pi5 if you also use a necessary large power supply which makes it potentially powerful whilst still being (relatively) small.

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now that is cool.

i got one recently, just poked around attempting a quick attempt at running oF shader stuffs and didn’t pass the 5 minute test but my impression is that it could be a better fit for doing video programming/processing than the pi 4s, mostly b/c the new raspian os seems to have graduated out of the weird hacky ‘fake kms kernel’ etc graphics drivers world it was in for most of the pi4 era. still too new to really tell tho, and it remains unclear when supplies would really be reasonable enough to reward designing for the platform.