ARC The APC40 Extender

Afternoon all, I’ve been working on a smapp project utilising Bones translator and I’d love to get some feedback on the mapping as well as how it works with different applications on Windows and Mac.

The patch opens up the APC40 mkII to its theoretical maximum.

16 full channels of midi data equates to 640 clip triggers, 128+ faders, 256 full pots as well as multiple other buttons multiplied by their maximum midi channel (yes you can also assign 16 foot switches if you so choose).

Please take a look at the site for a bit more information and if interested please let me know in here or complete the enquiry form on the site.


Thanking you.

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This looks interesting and quite useful… I have an APC40 and getting to know Resolume is on my todo list (as no doubt it is for many people :slight_smile: ). But it’s only a mk 1. I’m guessing they’re not supported?

I was also looking into Chataigne as a central hub for control signal automation. Do you think ARC would pair well with it? Or would it just be different way to do a similar thing?

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Once the mkII version is"completed" I’ll be rewriting it for the mk1. Nine years ago I started with a mkI version, just never took the punt with the compiling side of things. So it is 100% on the cards and probably quite quickly achieved.

Just need to get the mkII version completed.

I neglected to say that any mkII users are welcome to ask for early access, as I’d like to know how it breaks things / it’s usable with other applications.

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Hey @Scribble, we Pixelflowers own such a controller and would be curious to learn more about this, but currently the website doesn’t seem to work. It’s almost totally unclear to us what this would be and how it would work (and is it meant to be a commercial product?)

Thanks for the heads up @pixelflowers , an erroneous CNAME in the DNS was to blame.
I’ve updated the link and will sort the DNS ASAP.
Yes it is also going to be an affordable, commercial product.