Astron Elmo EC-10 Color Video Camera info?

Hello fellow scanliners,

I found an old tube camera at Goodwill yesterday, the Astron Elmo EC-10. It’s one of those that has a special multi-pin connector from the camera to a power supply box that provides the power to the camera and also takes the signal from the camera and has an RCA video out. The connector looked like it would fit the box I have for another tube camera, but alas it’s a different pin configuration. Now I’m curious to see if I can reverse engineer the pins to try to operate it without the power supply (so like giving it the correct DC voltage and then parsing whatever video signal comes out.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this camera? Some internet searching seems to indicate that it would have worked with an RCA brand power supply called a CPS 03 (CPS: camera power supply), so if anyone has familiarity with that device that could be helpful as well.

My dream find would be a service manual that specifies what all the pins are, but short of that any info on what voltage might work or what the pins might be expected to do would be amazing. There are 7 pins.

Next step is to open it up and see if I can figure out what voltage it is expecting, then maybe if i can power it up, i could monitor the non-power pins on a scope and see if they look like composite or sync or what.

Thanks for reading this far!