Audio mixing on the V1-HD?

Has anyone used a Roland V1-HD for Audio Mixing? There’s all sorts of inputs (as long as you can quickly convert from Analog to Digital), and I’m wondering how it sounds? I’ve never really owned a Digital Mixer like that before.

Usage Case: Building a really compact A/V rig around an MC-101 and a P-10, but would like the option of having a friend bring an additionally MC-101 along.

ive used the v4ex for a/v mixing for some live streaming and capturing thru built in usb capture on that, the audio was pretty good quality considering the inputs and seemed to solve the sync problems of using seperate dedicated cards!

That is very encouraging to hear. Thanks!

Yes, I send all my audio through the V1HD as a final out. The levels are a pain to access through the menu and preview screen, so I usually end up mixing most audio with a dinky 6 channel mixer before sending it to the V1HD…

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