Auto Mesh input gain help

Using auto mesh and I’m wishing my input gain was hotter for more effect (using the tape out of my mixer {Mackie 12vlz}), tried using the jumpers on the hifiberry to set it to +12db input gain but that seems to make it so the audio element doesn’t work anymore. Anyone got the gain jumpers to work or have a more elegant solution than just using a seperate mixer to boost the signal?

I use an Auto Waaave Pi 3b+ with a Hifiberry hat (not sure if the audio params in software are different between the VSERPI programs and don’t have experience with Auto Mesh) and haven’t noticed gain-related issues, but I haven’t really messed with audio reactivity on it in a long time. Not sure if you already incorporate a separate video mixer in your setup, but it’s definitely handy to remember that most classic video mixers are technically also audio (usually stereo) mixers with their own amplifiers and multiple ins and outs.

That said, I’d probably expect a dedicated audio mixer like your Mackie to be capable of pushing way higher gain than something like a Panasonic AVE-5, but the more you know. Consolidating the features of an A/V mixer for both A and V could save a ton of space and headaches in your setup if it can work for you.

That’s an interesting idea about using the audio section of a video mixer. My issue is I’m preparing for a show where I will only have access to the tape out or alt out of the main mixer both of which I cannot increase the level. The effect is visible using this signal but no where near as durastic as when I’m taking the main out of the mixer and I’m able to crank it.

any reason you can’t use the aux send outputs on the mackie so you’d be able to use the gain staging on the mixer itself? i’ve no clue on the hifiberry berry jumpers and would ask over on their boards about any issues you’d come across using those

I will only have access to the tape out or alt out of the main mixer both of which I cannot increase the level.

Right, so the idea for utilizing the video mixer’s audio section would be routing the mains audio into the separate A/V mixer’s audio in, increasing the level there, then output audio from the A/V mixer to the Pi+Hifiberry input.