Auto Waaaves raspbian repo

A couple of months ago I was able to install other applications in AW. I had installed Gimp and Pinta. Fast forward to recently, i accidentally typed “sudo apt upgrade” instead of “update” because i was trying out some fractal apps. The upgrade broke AW.

No problem just reflash sd card but apparently the repo for raspbian stretch is not working anymore. I cant update or install other app.

Has anyone tried this? It seems like the URL in sources list in no longer active. Does anyone know alernatives or how to fix?

can you link to what is not working? is it downloads on my end or on raspbians end? are you working with the images i provide or manually installing stuff from github?

Thanks for replying. it’s not on your end. Im trying to install a simple paint app onto the WP desktop. Im trying sudo apt update. I think the repo is no longer available for the OS that VSERPI uses. I need to learn how to install an app without using the repo. Thanks again