AV Artifact Atlas

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AV Artifact Atlas is a resource for identifying errors and anomalies in analog and digital video. AVAA is built for and by a community of professionals in the field of audiovisual archiving but useful for anyone working with av material […] The AV Artifact Atlas is for use in the identification and definition of the technical issues and anomalies that can afflict audio and video signals. The goal of AVAA is to advance the audiovisual archiving field generally by strengthening the practice of reformatting archival media content


More like “bucket list”

wow this is an awesome resource ! thanks for sharing it

yeah, that’s what I was thinking too :slight_smile:
how to create these effects by reading up on the fixes / solutions

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this is amazing

NTSC video emulator is open source software “intended for use in analog artifact removal neural networks but can also be used for artistic purposes - its ultimate goal is to reproduce all of the artifacts described [in the AV Artifact Atlas]”

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