AV synth / efx box

hello all!

i’m currently making a box that will contain ideas from different projects:

so far i’ve built the two_comparator and the VGA feedback circuit and the enclosure:

more stuff will come… hope you like it! cheers o7


Finally received some parts in the mail. Box version 1 is now finished!

If only I could digitize the output properly with my capture card… Something is not right…

(Captured with an AV upscaler->HDMI2USB capture->PC)

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re: capture card not right

looks like the capture encoding is MPEG and it can’t handle all the pixels changing so much. yalls should probably use a phone app/other rescan technique for best results, especially if yr working with DIY circuits

Thanks Andrei! Will definitely try rescanning with a video camera. Sounds more fun too!

In the meantime here are some stills:


Managed to do a half decent capture by tuning some MPEG settings in OBS and using the other cheap AV upscaler I have:

Still curious how this would look if rescanned…


I Whole heartedly approve! Loving this combo of projects in one, looks like a fun setup!


Hello lofi and welcome to scanlines :slight_smile:

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Thanks! And another big thanks for making your cool builds publicly available.

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Thankyou! Finally signed up :smile:

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No problem at all! Keep up the great work!