AVE Mod 2.3 audio reactivity issue

I built my second AVE mod and am having the same issue as the first one where neither the power LED or the vactrol LED are lighting up. I determined it wasn’t the LEDs on the first one by swapping them out, and I even replaced the R1’ resistor with a 1k resistor as people were suggesting as a fix. Everything’s looking great and working as expected otherwise- I just can’t get any audio reactivity to work and it’s strange that it’s been both LEDs on both builds. Does anyone have any idea what it could be/what I could check with a multimeter to troubleshoot this? Much thanx

The fact that both LEDs doesn’t light up on both build make me think that they’re not oriented the right way, especially if the circuit is passing the video signal without issue, meaning that it receives power so at least the power LED should light up.

If you look at the LED closely, you should see that one side is flat, make sure it match with the flat side of the footprint on the pcb.

LED orientation


That was 100% the problem. Thank you so so much- it works great now. I think I was just following how the caps’ are oriented with the long leads to the square pad.