Ayone use Ebosuite?

Hi there. I was searching around trying to learn about using Max and M4L video patches in Ableton to sync up video and sound, and came across Ebosuite. Was wondering if anyone around here had any experience with it? Looks fairly polished, and good for those, like myself, who have Ableton and want to do mixed audio/visual type stuff…

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whelp, I bit the bullet and bought a license. it seems like its a really well polished series of max patches integrated into ableton, which will fill a certain need for me. Haven’t found many examples of people using it out there, other than the company’s own tutorials/demos, so I’ll see how well I get along with it.

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It is a really fun program! I actually know the people behind it, they are very friendly and capable folk!

Mostly when I do Max projects, I make custom patches with M4L and Jitter.
But when you are interested in AV livesets, Ebosuit is a very powerful toolset!

There is a Demo :slight_smile:

@reverselandfill I agree about EboSuite! Nice to hear that those guys are friendly :slight_smile:

@gnomedrone It has lots of great building blocks, and if you’re used to the Live workflow/devices you’ll pick it up quite quickly. ISF integration is really nice.

yea. the tutorials are good. I wish they would slow down a bit though :slight_smile: they go through everything so fast i need to rewatch every step they go through like 4 or 5 times. also, I’m a bit slow :rofl:

YES! I love it. I’ve wanted something like this to do A/V for 20+ years! Before this I was using Resolume but the audio aspect was lacking. Now it’s really fun to drop in video clips while I’m making beats… I’ve been doing old-school video sampling with it… Here’s a quick jam I made when I first got it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOWvtDFGp94

Definitely check out Eboman’s work. He’s a true video sampling pioneer. Great to see his culmination of ideas manifest into Ebosuite. https://www.youtube.com/user/wwwebomaninfo/

If you have any questions on how to use it let me know…


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