Beginner Patch/Routing Suggestions with existing Eurorack Modules

Hey guys

I just started glitching one month ago and I’m happy that my studio buddys provide me with some basic gear to start. So I have a TrinsRGB, wj-ave5, jvc video corrector jx-c7, and recently built my first three modules from Syntonie CBV001, 002 and VU001. So I feel like I already can do a lot but I have a whole eurorack system also there just waiting to be connected. I know I have to attenuate all signals but I just read that some modes in ornament and crime can be set to 1v. Are there more things I’m missing? can I just use my (matrix) mixers or do I need specific videomixers? and what about waveshaping? any tips on how to route things are also much apreciated.

just try out all your modules!
for modulation you just scale the signals down to 0-1v (or not, some modules have clipping)
if you want to process video, you need to amplify the video signal.
If you want clean video (no edge distortion & blurring), you might want to use eurorack video mixers and scalers.
But, for glitch it might not matter for you.


thanks, I’m still a bit afraid but if I cannot damage anything I’ll try out!

Pretty sure the 3trins can be damaged if you put too strong a signal directly into its patch bay. So just stick with the CV inputs on that for external modulation signals.

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yes, I was talking about using your audio modules with the Syntonie video modules.
The 3TrinsRGB CV inputs (the jacks) can handle eurorack levels. But the patchbay points have to be limited to about 0 to 3.5v (no negative voltages!)
You can check out my 3trinsRGB addon, the Triple Comparator, which adds cool functions that are CV-able. Gijs also has made some addons that plug into the patchbay.