Best audio modules to pair with video and vector synthesis?

I have an LZX Visual Cortex and Memory Palace (and a Chromagnon on the way, ETA two hundred years), but no audio modules to send pulses or voltage. I was looking at the Make Noise ‘Maths’ yesterday, but I was wondering if anybody has recommendations? Price efficiency (so, cheapness) and versatility are what I’m interested in.

One thing I do is use more complex oscillators for modulation such as my Intellijel ShapeShifter scaled down using the LZX Bridge module. The wavetables fed into pretty much anything come out with pretty interesting results. In particular both StairCase as well as Diver tend to really output cool looking results when paired with these.

I also like to use my 4MS Pingable Quad LFO so I can tap-tempo certain modulations to colors or other CV inputs on my LZX gear. Again, anything coming from audio realm needs to be scaled down to the 1v LZX standard so usually Bridge is good for this. Definitely kicking myself for not grabbing a BSO 5:1 module before he recently took down his storepage but I guess there are other methods such as Maths.

Really the logic I abide by is trying as many different cv sources into as many different inputs as possible to see what happens.

Nlc triple sloths is my MemPal’s best friend.
The ornament and crime series is also a good companion.
I heard people having a lot of fun with xaoc batumis and Pamelas new workout.
Korg seq1 is in my list as well, having 1v out option and a being a sequencer I can imagine it working very well in an AV setup.

I’ve got two Maths in my video system right now (I didn’t need them in my audio system anymore, so they were “free”) but they are super useful for bringing signals from the eurorack into LZX world. You don’t get to use much of the range of the attenuverters but it works, usually I’m just bringing the envelope from a kick drum or bass line in to modulate some video parameters. It is nice to use as a modulation source as well.
However, if you don’t have this stuff lying around already or a need to pair it with an audio system I might recommend sticking with video modules.
Vector synthesis is sort of a different set of recommendations since that is audio, in which case phase related signal generators and modulators are your friend, and that is a whole other conversation.

We don’t have modulars in our setup but I know I could use anything that would translate sound level/intensity into pitch - to be more precise, to translate variations of level into variations of pitch.
So maybe an envelope follower + a sine oscillator?

Why? To step up our game around this idea: Vidiot (and others): How to create wobbly waves by using audio frequencies around 50 (or 60) Hz - Patching - LZX Community