Best capture device to livestream from a V4?

I have a MacBook Pro M1 (which seems to be a big part of this) and need to figure out what converter I can get that will take my edirol v4s output into my Mac and be recognized in software like OBS.

I have an elgato video capture, but got word from elgato on Mac you HAVE to use their elgato software to get any video output. Nothing recognizes it as a device.

I bought and then canceled an order for a intensity shuttle since Apple silicone seems like it will never be able to work with one going forward (really sucks)

The only solution I’ve found is to screen record the feed from elgatos software with OBS but the quality is garbage since the video capture is actual trash.

Are there any capture devices / converters that actually work with Apple silicone and will be recognized by the Mac? Seems like almost nothing is getting driver updates to work :confused: please let me know if you have any ideas!

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An easy solution would be an AV to HDMI convertor…

then plug that into a HDMI Video Capture Card USB…

plug the USB into your laptop and capture through OBS


Black Magic Design is an excellent choice for Mac users - Check out the 3G recorder (replaces HDMI to USB in the scheme above). Nevertheless you need an AV-HDMI upscaler.

I never used it in OBS - but it should work!
(Ensure to install the Black Magic Design Desktop software).



I’ve been happy with my NZXT HD-60. It’s plug and play, doesn’t require any additional software, and has zero latency hdmi pass through