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Hi everyone! Would love to hear your thoughts on software you’re into performing with live…I’ve got a small rig consisting of hypno, structure and a mixer and would love to add another input or master fx mixer via software like resolume or touch designer but am unsure where to focus my energy in learning a program…mainly interested in quick live implementation via midi or keyboard and some visuals that are a bit different than the more old school style of pi based gear…thanks for any ideas!

Kinda hard to beat Resolume if you want real time compositing and effects. The built in sources are also quite good. Really I can’t recommend it enough. Touch Designer is much more a development environment than a ready to use tool. People have published VJing sketches using TD, but they’re not particularly stable last I checked.
A fun thing YOVOZOL mentions in a YouTube video that I can’t find right now is to spit out a invisible Resolume layer to an HDMI port convert it to RCA, use it in your analog mixer signal chain, then composite it again in Resolume.

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…i think it is worth to clarify that he means: a Resolume-layer routed not to the main out but to a second out that is then mangled by analog hardware and fed back into Resolume to be mixed into the main out finally…

…i dont remember exactely if he splits the layer into the main and the second out or if it is a ‚closed’ loop from which he ‚copies‘ the contents to the main out…

…we could try to call and ask him: @YOVOZOL , please…

+1 for Resolume! For signal use HDMI out to a digital to analog converter, and if desired upconvert the analog signal back to digital and use a HDMI capture device.

VDMX, no question. Resolume is okay but it still approaches VJing as DJing-with-video. VDMX has far more capability.

Vidvox, the makers of VDMX, also created the Hap video codec and the ISF (interactive shader format).

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I’m fixing to get vdmx so there’s that but also the signal cultures app bundle is like way too fun I would not sleep on that

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