GGV2 - Glitch Gif VJ by Azopsoft

You may want to check GGV2 by AzopCorp
It’s still in a sort of beta phase, but I am in love with it already.


Moved to it’s own linked topic for easier discussion.

Edit: Formal release eta is June 1st.

So, where is the actual buy link? I cannot find it on any page of the website. I’ve clicked all over and cannot find how to purchase at Boutique – AZOPSOFT

:sweat_smile: i also got confused by that website ! project looks great tho

guys, i talked with azop, and that’s what he sez:

we are making a new website at the momment
should be online on sept 1st with stripe payment
wordpress sucks so much
and woocomerce even more


i’ll keep you posted!

Also, the demo is available for download at – it is a the bottom of the front page , if you click on download buttons it should download the demo

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Hey folks, just letting you know that current GGV2 version 2.1.5 is available for download from redesigned site at
It kicks ass :slight_smile:


Just downloaded the demo and I’m loving it. It’s very easy to manipulate the image and it already comes with a lot of FX built in.

The only thing that’s missing is Sput/Syphon In/Out (maybe NDI too) to interface it with other software.

I’m definetely going to keep a close eye on this project and buy it once I have money, but yeah this has a lot of potential.


It’s a good one, tried the demo :). I think I might have bought this if I hadn’t learnt to use Touchdesigner. But after putting in time with that it’s hard to be happy with any of the readymade solutions because you can keep adding to your custom Touchdesigner setup. Although that does take a lot of work of course…

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Hello all,

I’m Azop, the developer of GGV2. Thanks to @mkl mkl for starting this thread and your encouraging comments.

Regarding Spout/Syphon support, I’d like to clarify that GGV2 is developed with a focus on cross-platform compatibility. As a result, I’ve decided not to include Spout/Syphon support in the project.

As for NDI, I’m exploring the possibility of integration using custom FFmpeg builds, but it’s not currently our top priority. Instead, we’re focused on replacing the awkward sequencer.

GGV2 is continuously evolving and is now at version 2.1.11, with many new features added over the past few months.

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