Betas of new Waaave_Pool & Auto_Mesh images available

anyone interested in testing out some updates to VSERPI i got some links for u

Auto_Mesh (audio reactive spectral_Mesh): you will want to have the same hardware set as an Auto_Waaave to run this, just download the image, write it to a different sd card and swap them out

Waaave_Pool: now with the video reactive control set and sharpening filter added in. also some really kind of broken lfos that i’m not even sure i should mention but worth experimenting with either way.

should have an update for artificial life with PWM and integrated 3 band colorizer coming that i’ll post here as well in a couple of days…


stoked for this! how do i turn on video reactivity?

edit: NM, just saw the README and found my answer :upside_down_face:

updates for beta testing continue:
auto_waaave - just added all the extra stuffs that was in waaave pool, so sharpening, video reactivity, and midi latching!
artificial life: PWM, some tiny scale changes, different feedback modes, and replaced the RGB offset colorizing with an actual 3 band colorizer