Bought a S-Video to HDMI and a HDMI to S-Video Converter from Amazon, someone has expierience with them maybe?


I went with 2 of these boxes:

One HDMI to S-Video and one S-Video to HDMI.

I bought these because they have S-Video and was thinking I get a better quality signal that way, maybe.

Someone of you maybe has experience with these converters?

(I’m new to the hobby and these would be my entry, got an Roland V-8 yesterday and now waiting for these converters to arrive…)

…hmmm - well, if you want to step up quality-wise look out for

  • Blackmagic and
  • Kramer

which are two makes with pretty good availability in europe…

…for serious stuff i myself use combinations of the Blackmagic-boxes, usually converting something-to-SDI-then-to-something with two boxes chained…

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just remember you can’t just make up quality / resolution that isn’t there.
converters will do the best they can but there is always a tradeoff somewhere.

I wasn’t super familiar with the V8 I looked it up

Is this the mixer you are talking about?

so I assume you are taking the Svid out > HDMI as your main out and then bringing in a HDMI source > svid > one of the svid inputs.

your better quality option will be using the PC inputs if they work with component and getting a HDMI > component box there are lots of options some laid out at the link below

this is a wiki I put together like 3 years ago or so and while it hasn’t been updated in a little while still has lots of good info.

at the same time there will always be “better” options…So don’t let that stop you from creating!

You mean for the Input, right?
I found someone selling a HDMI to VGA up/downscaler (bidirectional) from Kramer for a reasonable price, where u also have an overlay to choose e. g. the preferred resolution etc. pp.
I think that would be ideal to go to the VGA input.

Output has just composite and S-Video, so what you wrote doesn’t apply for the output, or am I wrong?
So here a good quality S-Video to HDMI converter is the best option, no?

I think I will buy the Kramer device for 50euro (incl. shipping).