BPMC Televandalist

Noticed there are no topics here for the upcoming BPMC Televandalist, which is an original standalone glitch device, which looks to be coming out in the next month or so. Curious if anyone has been able to test it or has more info. :slight_smile:


I have a pre-order in for one and will be happy to give a full rundown once I get it (this month hopefully!)

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Yeah… about that. Still waiting LOL

Guess what just arrived today! I’m going to do some experiments and figure out just what the heck it does


Hey, I was just wondering if you had a photo of yours? Mine arrived today but looks nothing like the picture which is a little disappointing.

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Paup mentions in the manual that it underwent a massive amount of COVID supply-related changes so I imagine that’s why the prototype image differs from the shipped product. (He probably could’ve updated the picture but given that the change probably happened after pre-orders the disappointment would’ve been all the same.)

Beyond that, what are your impressions?