"buffer sizes do not match."

Hey folks. I just installed everything I needed for Video Waaaves and got it up and running. I attempted to use the instructions provided to change the settings to 1920 x 1080. The program runs, but the window remains a smaller square size.The debug window says that the default size is 1920x1080 (yay) but the “requested size” is 640 x 480p. After that it just infinitely prints “buffer sizes do not match.”

The program runs and all the effects look great, but I cannot seem to get it to do 1080p. I checked the NDI Webcam Input settings and double checked both ofApp.cpp and main.cpp and neither seem to have anything amiss. What am I doing wrong?

Hmm. What os are you running?

My first thought is that the cam you’re using might not support 1080p? Also make sure the setId for the cams matches the ID that prints in the console.

I’m running Windows 10. The device I’m using is the NDI programs to record my screen. I double checked and both my cam1 and cam2 values in main.cpp are (1920, 1080) along with the setSize value in ofApp.cpp.

Im not sure about this. Test other devices for the cam inputs. Ive had weird stuff happen when using NDI virtual input as a cam, but it would still run. also maybe try initGrabber instead of setup.

you need to double check the camera input settings, those need to be manually set as well otherwise default to 640x480. instructions should b right next to changing output resolution

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Oh hey, pleasure to see you! Thank you for your work developing this program, this is an insane amount of effort that you did and I greatly respect and appreciate it.

I took a look at the main.cpp file and I did confirm that the only resolution size that is not commented is the one I want, (1920,1080). I attached a screenshot.

I tried to ctrl-F both the main.cpp and ofApp.cpp files to locate where it’s pulling 640 x 480 from, but I cannot seem to find that resolution anywhere in either file. I’m lost.

howdy, you are confusing the “set output resolution” part and “set camera input resolution”, these are two different things and changing one does not affect the other. i’ve edited the getting started with video waaaves doc to reflect this info a bit more explicitly, check back there for info

Gotcha. I checked the instructions on the doc. The cam1.initGrabber line had the double slashes marking it as a comment, so I deleted those and changed the size to 1920,1080. Unfortunately, still no luck. The debug console still says the same stuff ((640,480), “buffer sizes do not match”) and the resolution is still incorrect.
Thank you for your help so far. Sorry about all this.

and are you saving the file each time you edit? an asterisk next to the file name in the VS window means changes are not saved and won’t be included in the next compilation

Yes sir, I save the file frequently.

Solved. I happened to clear out my downloads folder and when I tried to open up Video Waaaves, I got an error about ofApp.cpp missing and it listed my downloads directory. I completely deleted the program and all the files, redownloaded it, and then made the changes to the cpp files to change the resolution and now it is working fine.

Not sure how it was linked to my downloads folder since the first time around I moved it to a different folder on a separate drive. Regardless, everything is working perfectly. Thank you for the assistance, and sorry for my error.

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Did ya use the project generator to import the file?(or change the openframeworks path in the project generator settings)