Cinema.av live stream 7.26.2020

Hey ya’ll recently caught wind of the forum and the subsequent ethical streaming efforts, so I’ve re-posted my first full stream to the dedicated scanlines stream below.


:wave: :wave: @cinema.av wicked !

also weird - wondering why it didnt embed…

edit - ah i see why -> because it pasted as a link for some reason -> fixed now

hi evan, thanks for sharing this here ! let me know if you’d ever like to do a performance hosted as a live stream here on this site, trying to set one up around once a month :slight_smile:

absolutely. with DAMN, we have begun to resume BIOLUMINESCENCE, our monthly dj/ live av event, in virtual. first one will occur sunday, 8/9 on my twitch stream and will later be uploaded to our youtube.

bi-weekly, the plan is to feature our handful of resident visual artists, and then afterward open it up to folks beyond the region, since it’s focus, was limited to Dallas folks. So it’s something we’re working on, with video quality being of top priority.


very cool ! i’ll be looking forward to tuning in, and excited to see DAMN expanding to a wider range !

link to sunday’s live stream. rebroadcast will be posted to the scanlines stream group.