CMIX - 6 channel eurorack video mixer

The CMIX is a 6 channel mixer for LZX format video signals.
It is used for mixing several sources into complex patterns and shapes.

The normal channels add signals together, the inverted channels subtract signals.
The 2nd output allows for (example) a feedback routing option to add complexity and detail.

This (open source) module is based on the Simple video mixer schematic by L.Larsen

3x normal channels , each with a jack input + potmeter
3x inverted channels , each with a jack input + potmeter
2x outputs

Module info:
skiff friendly, depth = 23mm
power use: I have to measure it… soon

This is an beginner friendly build, but the pcb is tightly packed with components! (it has vertical resistors)

I have pcb’s, kits and build modules available. contact me for info
The schematic & BOM are here:


some great stills of a patch from @BastienL . making advanced shapes with the CMIX & Matrix mixer.

and one by me:

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