Come work at the new school

Hey all! I hope it’s ok to post this here, but I work at The New School’s equipment center and we’re looking for folks who know a little bit of everything re: camera and audio gear. Union gig with 1205 Teamsters, part time, full benefits. We really need people with audio knowledge rn! We’re having trouble finding someone to hire b/c the job listing is so basic. The New School Job Site | Lab Supervisor

come work with me it’s very chill very queer the pay is decent and you get access to the equipment, I’ve literally just been working on art stuff at work there’s so much downtime


I wish, but I can’t to a 6 hour round trip commute.

EDIT: checked Google Maps, and it’s more like 9 hours round trip, I think it’s actually slower than it was from Boston when I lived there.