Complex (3 inputs-6 outputs) dirty mixer and video distribution amplifier


I would like to build a custom dirty mixer and video distribution amplifier.

It should be able to handle 3 inputs (all synced!) and 6 outputs.
Dirty mixing is always done only between 2 sources at a time but in all the possible combination in parallel (input1<->input2 AND input1<->input3 AND input2<->input3)
Ideally it would be good to control these 3 dirty mixers with ONE pot.
Each dirty mixer (or dirty mixer scenario) has different and multiple outputs (input1<->input2 → output1 + output2, input1<->input3 → output3 + output4, input2<->input3 → output5 + output6)

Can you please give me some advice how to start with this project?
Is it possible at all to create something like this?
Or would it be too much effort to build this kind of gadget?

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My general advice for this project would be to tackle one aspect at a time. Just start with two inputs and one output, and breadboard it out and see if you like the result. Then try adding your third input and a second output, and see what complications that adds. Or try adding the amplification stage to get two versions of the single output and see how much trouble that is.
I think breadboarding would be your friend instead of trying to conceive of a fully formed module with everything you describe.
If your inputs are coming in already synced with each other, then it might not be so dirty of a mixer.


Drawing it out always helps me:

Looks like you need 6 splitters and 3 dirty mixers.

These splitters are cheap:


…but the signal starts to fade if you split it too much… if that’s an effect you want great. If not you have to boost the signal.

I like this video splitter/signal booster

Seems like you are familiar with dirty mixers… one potentiometer to control them all, I’m not sure about… I’m concerned that resistance levels could be an issue… but I’m not an electrician so I don’t know.

I’ve always dreamt of a 3 input mixer, so this is exciting!

Good luck on your build!!

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Just found this great build for a 3 channel video splitter with amplifier:

You have to order the pcb and parts but that’s a fun thing to learn.

Of course, you would only need two channels from this splitter, not all three for this project.

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@January , many thanks for the reply!
the drawing was very helpful because I completely forgot about the fact that I also have to split the inputs (since I need to use them in 2 mixers!)

btw yes, 3 input mixer would be hilarious but in my case, there will be only 2 inputs at a time for each mixer ( even though there are 3 inputs in sum)

regarding the “one pot for all mixers” topic right now I’m just thinking about having individual sliding pots for each mixer. in that case, I will be able to operate them in parallel (OK, it won’t be super precise, but that’s OK in my case…)

…but as @revjon has suggested, I need to do my homework here and start breadboarding…