Computer graphics & art - 1970s magazines

i wanted to share a really amazing magazine from the 70s about electronic art and programming. it is available in another archive online, but it was difficult to gather all the issues together, and it seems as though older links to it keep breaking. so i figured i’d put them all up in one place here. it was only published for a few years, but they covered a lot of ground in that time it seems.

and some more images:


Thank you, this looks great!


Not from the 70s and also not available as pdf but I would like to share this special computer art book by Dimitry Vostokov. It is really one of a kind and basically the only computer art-book I know about the images that emerges of visualizing portions of the memory ram (the most pure computer art?).
If you happen to know others Im all ears. I found blogs that treats this subject but the only other book I know is by Vostokov itself and Jamie Fenton but it is totally out of stock as far as I know.


im bumping this bc theres a bunch more folks on the boards rn and id like to see if anyone else has some recommendations for stuff like this!


Radical Software is definitely my fave magazine like this!


Lately I’ve discovered and started to research New Tendencies, a computer art movement originating in Zagreb in the 60s/70s. There’s a bunch of neat images in this database:

Also related and worthy of checking out is Bit international magazine:


Thanks for these, looks amazing!

80’s not 70’s but this is an extremely wonderful book for those interested in MacPaint era 1-bit art:

Also maybe relevant, if it’s OK to post my own work: Cementimental’s Untitled Harsh Noise Graphic Novel, a semi-generative, semi-expressionistic pixel art noise book created with the obscure vintage 68k Mac paint app LightningPaint
noisebook1 noisebookdetail1 noisebook4 noisebookdetail2


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Got an email from a while ago complaining that every time someone orders one it crashes the QR code reader on their printing machine and holds up the entire queue :smiley: hopefully they got that sorted tho I think


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@timdrage look what arrived today :hugs:

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Would be interested if you wanted to write a little bit more about the process / techniques involved :innocent:

(Also lulu seems like a good service ! Will keep this in mind if I ever wanna print/publish something )

update: just saw theres some more detail on the process in this interview


Thanks for buying! :slight_smile: always cool to see copies out there in reality.

Ah I was about to reply with a link to that interview but you found already. Yeah the info in there about sums it up :slight_smile: the olde instructional image from when I first discovered the technique contains some less ‘noise’ examples, it’s good for generating biomechanical pixel art forms. Planning to revisit this side of it to make sprites and backgrounds for some kind of experimental Gameboy art game using GB Studio

Hey Paloma, here is one more issue to add to the collection. Is the one from May 1977 so we are only lacking the first issue of this magazine from Feb 1976.

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thanks!! i can’t access this asset link tho. could you try to download and re upload it?

Weird! Here it goes >



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