Connecting multiple tvs to display one image

Hello, Im trying to build a video wall using 6 tvs. I purchased a hdmi to av and spitter but the image is only displaying on one tv. Can someone please advise me on how to do this correctly?

You want the same image on all six TVs?

Yes all six, Im using Neoteck 6 way splitter 2500 mhz. Along with Hdmi to Av mini.

Why are you using an RF splitter to split a composite video signal? RF and composite are completely different things.

If all your displays are receiving an RF (coaxial) signal from the splitter’s outs, the splitter needs the source video to also be RF. This means you want your signal path to look like this:

HD video source β†’ HD to AV converter β†’ AV to RF converter β†’ RF Splitter β†’ Your RF TVs


HD video source β†’ HDMI to RF converter β†’ RF Splitter β†’ RF TVs