Connecting to RecurBoy over wifi

Hey all,
Lurked here for a bit, but joining up now to ask a few questions.
Recently built a RecurBoy, and it’s working great!
I’d like to add and remove some files on the RecurBoy itself, and the Pi zero I used has wifi, so I’m hoping to do it that way. I can’t find any simple tutorials on how to do this, so was hoping maybe someone could give me some tips. I’ve been using a usb to load shaders etc, but there are some effects that I would like to add to the base unit.
Thanks for any help.

theres a few different ways you can add files to the base unit (dont need wifi for this either):

  • depending on your operating system you might be able to pop sd card into your computer and copy files over directly
  • by plugging a usb cable between the data micro usb on pi (not the power one) and your computer you will be able to ssh into pi from computer ( ssh pi@raspberrypi.local should work - pw is default raspberry )

if you want to connect your pi to wifi there is a way to do this ‘heasless’ ie without needing a keyboard / screen attached to pi to configure it… this is described here remember to change password if you do connect to wifi as default password is insecure

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Awesome, thank you for the tips. I’m mostly on a Mac, but do have access to a Windows machine. I’m looking for whatever is the most user friendly option as I really don’t program etc. Way more of a drag and drop person for the most part.