Contact to dave jones ● MVIP purchase?

Hey folk,

I m trying to get in contact with dave jones to purchase an MVIP. But unfortunately there’s no response since 6 months…? :slightly_frowning_face: Wrote him via the website mail and at modwigglers.
Anybody knows something or a glitch to get in touch? Or has a MVIP 2 for sale? :sunglasses:


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I know!! I tried to contact him when I was trying to buy mine and also never received a response.

Really hope he is ok, but I do not know any one near him to check.

Would love to get one of the MVIP modules myself–been looking for two years! I managed to catch Dave on the phone back in May(?) 2021. He asked me to follow up via e-mail. I never got a response. I e-mail every few so often to check in but never receive a reply. Also tried reaching out via a ModWiggler DM. Hope he’s alright.

The email I have for him is but he’s also pretty active on Facebook, so I might suggest sending him a DM there.


:wave: again. Anyone had some progress in contact? Hope he’s all fine too. I’m mean last post was mid of march, but couldn’t catch him nowhere since and before :[

Syncd greetings

Finally he answered after a year :melting_face:, but unfortunately they are out of production at the moment. He will write me if thing gonna change. Will keep u updated.