Controlling r_e_c_u_r over ethernet

I just started with recur (v2.1) and I’m looking to control it from my desktop PC over ethernet. There’s a setting for OSC but no documentation on how to format messages. Also by default DHCP Daemon doesn’t work so I’ve been terminaling in to restart it but I don’t know how to start recur again from the desktop. Ideally I’d like to track down whatever in the image is causing DHCPD to crash/fail on load.
I’m also familiar with raveloxmidi, but again I’m limited by not being able to restart the program. There’s something in the docs about being able to switch tasks but it requires F-keys which my spare keyboard is lacking.

Edit: I realize some of my questions are answered in the 2.1.0 release notes. Reading those.

Going to answer some of my own questions. OSC addresses are found here: default_midi_mappling · cyberboy666/r_e_c_u_r Wiki · GitHub
I can open a terminal in either dev or normal view with Ctrl+Alt+T. Would still really like to know what I need to do to so it boots straight to working over ethernet and I don’t have to sudo dhcpcd every time.

hi @TVsVeryOwn - sorry its taken me so long to get back to you on this one.

im not sure why default DHCP Daemon is not working…

however this is the script that runs on launch, so you could add what ever command you would like into here…

(and also can see that you just need to call python3 ~/r_e_c_u_r/ to start it again if you exited…)

another way you could run commands in the terminal without having to exit recur would be to plug in a keyboard and hit ctrl-alt-f1 - on the small tft screen you are prompted for username pi and password raspberry - then you have a terminal! to switch back just hit ctrl-alt-f7

Has anyone tried to get it working with RTP-MIDI? I finally replaced all (most) of my ancient, 90s MOTU MIDI routers with a mioXL, so I’ve got MIDI connections to all of my music gear available to anything on the LAN now. It would be great to have recur conencted, too, but I’m pretty new to RTP-MIDI.

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Totally doable, I wrote up a guide for doing it with Waaave_Pool/VSERPI. I’ll go through it today with recur and write it up.


Awesome! I haven’t updated my recur image in at least two years, but now that I’m getting set up again I’m planning to get the latest dev version on there. Maybe by the time I get aroudn to it you’ll already have this implemented.
I’ll have to set that up on the VSERPI stuff, too. I’m pretty out of the loop on the development all of this now, I moved in October 2021 and didn’t touched anything video related from then until last week. I’ve still got two VSERPI instances running inside of mixer feedback loops like before (using automesh and temporal vortex right now), but it’s all kind of hard to get to from my music setup (I’m in a long, narrow basement room and the video hardware is BEHIND the desk where the monitor and controllers for the DAW are, but since the room is so natrrow you have to actually leave the audio side and walk around through the unfinished part of the basement to a second door that gets to the video side. If I can get al three RPis under wireless MIDI control that would go a long way towward being able to use both at the same time.