Controlling the Waaavepool with CV over MIDI

I was thinking about automated controls for the Waaavepool. It would be very useful if I could use CV signals from my Eurorack system to modulate some parameters.

How would I start with this?

The Befaco VCMC / CV Thing look promising.

Would it be possible to use a Korg controller in tandem with a CV to USB MIDI, so that
you can set certain parameters but actively control others?

What are other options for this… (without too much re-programming the firmware)

…you might also want to check the Doepfer A-192-2…

Just wanted to add another cv ↔ midi module to check out:

Im not sure if the wavepool code allows multiple midi devices connected but if not it should be possible to add this in code.

Also you can get midi merger devices that take from different inputs and combine them into one

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I’ve been beta testing the soon-to-be-released Befaco Midi Thing 2 and it can do that. It has usb host, USB midi, trs midi and CV io. All data can be merged.
For example I use a novation launch control for some parameters in my memory palace and some others come from cv.


another option which involves a computer is to use the cv inputs on an expert sleepers module, plus the silent way cv to midi software plugin

I wanted to avoid using a PC, although I have used a Doepfer MTV16 in combination with MaxMSP with good results for another project.

maybe an Arduino Mega is the way to go, if I want something fully DIY and cheap.
16 analog ports and several digital ones to emulate all the buttons on the Korg controller

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theres no plugnplay support for multiple midi devices in VSERPI at the moment but it is entirely possible and a decent afternoons work would remedy that situation. otherwise for folks who don’t want to code, a midi merger would do the job as well