Critter & Guitari Scopes for sale in Brooklyn


I’ve got A LOT of gear that I’m looking to turn into a SINGLE piece of gear if you catch my drift. . . I’d rather not sell, and I’d rather not ship, and this gear is just hanging out in my house unused. Lookin’ to trade a fair amount of this stuff for a V4EX. . . PM me if you wanna hear more! Local Swap/sale Only.

Here’s a list of Neat Stuff:
• Critter & Guitari Video Scope
• Critter & Guitari Rhythm Scope
• Tascam Porta 07
• Chrome Metro bag - Black & White
• Arturia Beatstep Black
• Roland V8 (works, but kinda chunked up. . . I can give y’all more details if you’re interested)
• Boss BX-60 Mixer

. . . and pretty much any cable you could ever think of.


Somebody hook this mans up

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Ended up trading a Denon DJ Prime Go for a Roland V4-EX. . . but the rest of this gear is up for grabs, if anyone in BK is looking for it! I’d rather it go to a good (local) home than some folks out there, somewhere.

Hit me up!

Hi! Are the Critter & Guitari scopes still available?