CRT calibration mistake? Did I kill my CRT?

Hi everyone, so I was trying to calibrate a CRT TV Sony Wega Trinitron I got a couple of days ago because it clearly needed a calibration, I was kind of getting the hang of it and my brother was helping me out, so at some point I started moving the “screen” knob that regulates the brightness of the screen, I had calibrated my Samsung CRT monitor a couple of days ago and had no trouble, I could move the knob all the way up and all the way down so I could understand what range I was working with to find the ideal brightness. However as I was moving the tvs “screen” potentiometer as it got brighter it started fluctuating between white and purple and making strange things and then the screen turned off suddenly, now when I turn on the Tv it makes a sound and seems to get current but the front power led blinks 10 times and the the tv turns off by itself. I fear I might have overloaded the tube or something similar and absolutely ruined the whole unit, any insights???

Continuous or 10 blinks refers to NO SIGNAL on the DATA line going to the SYSTEM IC, this is normally 5volts, this carries digital signal to and from to other parts of the TV set

I have no idea of what that means or how you can fix that, but if you google “Trinitron 10 blink” or variants you will find a lot more of that, hope this helps in the meantime.

Good news, this morning I read a little more and decided to make a factory reset and now its working again. It was easier than I thought. Feel very relived.