Datamosh and glitch programs

I stumbled across this guy’s get hub and I personally can’t run python but for anyone that can you may want to give his programs a try

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I’ve got a ton of unlisted data mosh videos
I’m doing a big push to get the first version of my touchdesigner instrument vveb out (started as memory palace emulation)
I’ve got a big ffmpeg video synthesis cookbook that needs some attention. I’ll be able to outline my process.


Sick stuff man

Very interested in this. Have you posted an early version or something?

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Going to give another shoutout to the Signal Culture apps here and, specifically, their real-time datamoshing app Interstream.

I find it a bit hard to control sometimes, for precision effects, but the ability to use it live gives it a big advantage over many traditional datamoshing techniques (at least that I know of).


My future plans involve a Mini PC and the signal cultures apps including the video mixer turned into a standalone rig with a midi controller. It is insane what they have done and I Can Only Imagine the real possibilities of them

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